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Our mission.

1. Considering that Nuad Boran is little or badly known by the European public.
2. Considering a double system of criteria which has prevailed for centuries in Thaïland which differenciates the standards applicable to Thai people from those applied to Europeans and which, presently, shows a very important discrepancy between Thaïs and foreigners concerning standards of qualification for
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Nuad Boran practitioners regarding duration and orientation training.
3. Considering that Nuad Boran is part of  the traditional Thaï medicine and is recognized as such by the Department of Public Health of Thaïland and by
the World Health Organization,
4. Considering that the Institute of Traditional and Alternative Medicines of the Department of Public Health of Thaïland, (only public institution in charge
for fixing minimum criteria regarding Nuad Boran), requires for Thaïs a clearly therapeutical direction and a minimum duration of 372 hours over 2 years for a
certified practitioner training and  of  800 hours  for a master practitioner training,
5. Considering that in Thaïland the licence to practice (setting up one’s own business) requires two years of studying, that Nuad Boran is taught in 2008 in 8
universities within the « Traditional Thaï Doctor » diploma training (Bachelor level)
6. Noting  also that  the traditional qualification for Nuad Boran practice consists mainly , not only to « unstress» the customer but also to be able to treat
preventively as well as curatively most common physical illnesses which have been classified from 10 to 40 symptoms by the Department of Public Health of
Thaïland according to the acquired level .
7. Noting that the Ministry of Public Health of Thaïland does not impose these criteria to the trainings for foreigners,
8. Noting the limited direction to the field of « well-being » of most Nuad Boran trainings  for Westerners and their undifferentiated repetition policy of a
fixed Nuad Boran protocol,
9. Estimating that the undifferentiated repetition of some steps  can be harmful for the patient if he/she is not thoroughly healthy and that it may be
detrimental on a long term for the practitioner’s health and that this is not part of the authentic Thaï tradition,
10 . Considering that authentic Nuad Boran does not lend itself to the business of an undifferentiated production but must allow the practitioner a
sufficiently qualified practice so that he/she can make a decent living out of it,
11. We invite Nuad Boran practitioners and teachers to join us in order to defend the profession through the quality of their qualifications.
12. We provide information for partially qualified practitioners and teachers so that they can reduce the gap between their present level and the required
level of qualification.
13. We provide information for the public so that it can have access to qualifying training sessions according to  the ASB® (Ancient Siamese Bodywork)
criteria  which are directly inspired by the criteria of the Department of Public Health of Thaïland,
14. We seek and publish results of clinical studies about the efficiency of Nuad Boran performed by qualified practitioners.
15. We publish information about ASB® (Ancient Siamese Bodywork) criteria and adapt them to the increase of minimum standards in Thaïland.
16. We provide a distinct label for practitioners and teachers whose qualification and training correspond to ASB® (Ancient Siamese Bodywork) standards ,
17.We help certified ASB® practitioners to acquire recognition from health insurances so that the cost of their performances may be refunded
18.  We help ASB® certified practitioners to protect their rights to the image and  legitimate use of the labels and logo of the association.
19. We fight against  the cultural exploitation of countries.
20. We seek by all cultural means to establish a bridge between the traditional Thaï knowledge and wisdom and their application to the development of
Nuad Boran in Europe.