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Formations certifiantes

Formations de Praticien en massage thai
traditionnel (Nuad Boran Thai) reconnues ASB ®

 Department of Traditional and Alternative Medicine/Ministry of Public Health /Nonthapuri Thailand
• Mahasarakharm University
• Rangsit University
• Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University
• Mahidol University
• Thammasat University
• Ramkhamhaeng University
• Ajarn Phruetthiphon Sukpo/Ministry of Public Health /Chiang Mai / Thailand
• Ajarn Thanapon Saebun/Sensip Training/ Chiang Mai/ Thailand
• Charles Breger / Sensip Training/ Aubenas /France
• Ajarn Phruetthiphon Sukpo/Ministry of Public Health / Chiang Mai / Thailand
• Andyi Vasylchenko/ Sensip Training / Kiev
• Sylvain Audureau/ Zensip Training / Wien
• Alain Le Guevel/ École Française Nuad Boran Thaï
Formation au massage thai traditionnel
reconnues ASB® en équivalence partielle


 Wat Po Basics:     60 hours
 What Po medical advanced :   160 hours
 Old Medicine Hospital/Chiang Mai /Thailand:  60 hours
 Ajarn Sirinchai Sukpasert/Chiang Mai /Thailand: 
 60 hours
 Ajarn Pichet Boontame/Handong/Thailand:  
60 hours
 Sunshine net trainings basics:  
60 hours
 Sunshine net trainings advanced:  
60 hours
 Verimeer Heipraktiker Schuhle basics /Deutchland: 
70 hours


Repetition of Nuad Boran basics will not be taken into account
Any applicant to the  ASB® label who contest this accouting can apply
for passing the association’s examination.